Top 5 Microgaming Casinos Winners

What may one say about those lucky people who managed to win large sums of cash by playing online casinos? That it was a coincidence or a joke of a destiny.

Commonly, many people consider that a gambler should experience only lotteries and progressive machines in order to earn decent money, but in truth, it is possible in any game as much as the largest stakes are made. Let’s discover the names of the 5 happiest Microgaming casinos winners.

Microgaming Casinos Winners

#5 New Zealand Player with NZ$10,144,395.82 Payout

A young fast-food worker suddenly turned rich on 17th of June, 2016. That day he tried his fortune with progressive slots at one of the New Zealand casinos. This news was both shocking and exciting for him as he really needed that money, as he mentioned.

There was no other aim to use those winnings but to spend them for his family and to experience the events they never had a chance to afford before. His triumph was also important for the gaming establishment as it had become the first ever within its walls since the opening.

#4 The Lucky Man from Australia won AU$10,423,223

Most of the players generally reveal their names upon getting the prize while some of them choose to stay unknown. This is what happened to one Australian on April, 2016. When enjoying the slot of Dark Knight he got a huge reward at a casino operated under Microgaming. The further destiny of the winning is unrevealed.

Lucky Microgaming Casinos Winners

In fact, this type of amusement suggests around 250 ways to succeed and also several progressive jackpots.

#3 $8.6 Million Went to Greece in 2009

It is quite hard to forget the Greek fortuitous man who managed to snatch a large sum of money. Georgios spent only five euros and immediately received more than $8 million dollars in one of the establishments. In fact, it was well-known Mega Moolah that often makes people rich in one night. He owned a small business and had a great passion for slot machines and it was only his belief that made him win, he admitted.

#2 $8.82 Million Progressive Jackpot via Mobile

One of the recent snatches of a large sum of cash was probably at the end of August, 2016. It was surprisingly claimed on a mobile device. What is more interesting is that the person who preferred to stay unknown got this reward with a promotion that gives 80 possibilities to become rich offered by Mega Moolah.

The only condition for it was to charge an account with a small deposit of only 1 euro or any respective currency. It is quite difficult to get to know not only the further of the winning but also the basic information about its owner.

Winners at Microgaming Casinos

#1 UK Player Landed a £13.2 Million Progressive Jackpot

The luckiest out of those was probably a British man from the United Kingdom who got more than $17 million during one night that was even recorded in the Guinness Book. In his young adulthood, Jonathon was enjoying spins betting 25p per round when suddenly received that terrific news. He spent the greatest part of his winning for the treatment of his father.