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The presented document provides the Terms and Conditions of MicroYes.co.uk. These are the rules of the blog, including the principles each visitor should keep to. Continuing to browse and use the service of our site, you automatically give your agreement with the current rules. Once it is so, each reader is liable for their actions, which should correspond the facilities, including knowledge and behavior.

Service Usage

In order to get access to the site, you do not have to share your information thru the registration process. This is an open blog, which provides all the articles publicly for visitors all over the globe.

As the tendencies of online gambling industry change rather frequently, our experts just want to inform you when revealing the relevant rules, casinos, games, and more points connected with Microgaming.

And though we offer the data about the leader of the market, we still can’t predict how your pastime will go on. Each virtual player should understand that with a Random Number Generator, no one can prevent some damages, losses, and misfortunes. The texts here include the general data, and the chosen casino of yours may provide different rules.

Terms Update

MicroYes.co.uk is eligible to implement changes in the current Terms and Conditions, provide new features and delete some existing ones. The alterations can take place any time, with no time frame attached.

Besides, we do not send notifications about the updates, thus, each customer of the site should recheck the page once in a while and watch for new points. All the variances are done with the aim to grant more convenient and beneficial conditions for your play.

Privacy and Cookies

You can view our Privacy and Cookie Policy section for learning more about what kind of information MicroYes.co.uk collects, how we keep it and protect. The site also uses cookies for its personal usage.

With a help of the data, we understand what kind of intelligence you are interested in, how to make your experience more personalized. With your site usage, you give your agreement with the facilities, and their principles.

Play Responsible

Virtual, as well as onsite, gambling can be dangerous when treated and taken wrongly. Every player should understand that such a small thing can become an addiction, and in order to avoid such an unpleasant result, you should obey the protective measures and be careful.

First of all, only 18+ years old customers are welcome. Besides, you should settle some limits to control the finances and frames. You can find more on our Responsible Gambling page, where we provide some detailed description of the potential problem and its solutions.

All Rights Reserved

Each article of the site is written by the experts of MicroYes blog. Our experts are objective and independent, providing the information based on their personal trials and background. The content is copyrighted by the website, which implies that the texts are entirely untouchable.

No one is permitted to copy the reviews, use them for advertising and other commercial targets. Unless you see ‘Copy Free’ mark on the page, doubling is forbidden. As the surveys are unique, you won’t find the same data thru the net.

Customer Care Service

However clear the content is presented, there can still be something to discuss. As there occurs any question, or you have a suggestion for our site, perhaps, you’re not satisfied with a point, or anything requiring our participation, contact MicroYes.co.uk customer service. Sending us an email to daniel.sullivaan@gmail.com, you can pose any query you have. We assure the fast reply with the accurate and helpful info.