Privacy & Cookie Policy

The page represents the Privacy and Cookie Policy relevant for site. Here, we comment what kind of information we need, how we gather and store it. The privacy of our visitors is guaranteed, and we tell how exactly, including the data about protective measure, sharing options and more.

Besides that, we remind you that there can take place some changes in the current document or any other section of the site at any point of the time. We do not send notifications about the alterations, and ask each visitor to recheck the page once in a while for the presence of updates. Mind that some existing items can be deleted, as well as added new ones.

How MicroYes Assures Your Privacy

The experts of the site know that everyone’s center of attraction is Microgaming company. That is why, we present articles connected with this software supplier, whether these are casinos, games, formats, benefits, novelties, and more.

Every survey is open, so we do not ask anyone to form an account for reading the reviews and surfing through the site. Though, as soon as we get any personal information of yours, we guarantee that it is kept private with no access available to the third parties.

MicroYes does not share the data, use it for advertising purposes, or public. However, we strongly recommend you to think of a difficult password with low- and upper-cases, figures and more, for no one to hack your account.

Storing Your Info

Entering your confidential data, you can be sure that we do not keep it for more than it is required. The intelligence is active from the moment you shared it and until you delete your profile, unsubscribe from our newsletters, or write us thru the customer support service.

HTTP Cookie

When visiting our site for the first time, you can see a pop-up window on the home page, which says that uses cookies. Clicking ‘Agree’ button, you accept the facilities and act according to the policy described in the current document. The option is activated automatically and is basically a small piece of data retrieved by the site and kept in your browser.

There exist advertising, technical, tracking, and more kinds of cookies. With their help we define your location, preferred language, IP address, browser and its version, device with its technical characteristics, and more. We also analyze which articles of ours you read more, how long the tab is active and what information you are interested in.

Why We Need Cookies

Cookies are created for improving the content. With the points harvested, we get an idea of the things you like, what you are eager to know and reveal. What is more, we can save the info about your username and password to recognize your identity as soon as you enter the site. This fastens the verification process and you can enter the profile instantly.

International Sharing Requests

The only situation when site can share the information of the customer is if we receive requests from some legal agents. Such external bodies outside the EU can send us a claim to provide some data.

Naturally, we examine each request and the independent authority which sent it before revealing any intelligence. In case there occur some questions about the international transmit, please, get in touch with us asap.


Once you do not want anyone, including us, to collect any kind of information about your activity, you can disable the Cookies option in the settings of your browser. You can also delete all the harvested points, along with cache and history, for the last hour, day, week, or all time of usage. Anyway, MicroYes site strongly recommends not to change the facilities to let us provide a better content for you.