Responsible Gambling

The document about responsible gambling is formed to help you prevent any gambling problem, conduct a healthy attitude towards the pastime, get control over your finance, have a better life and reduce the stress. Though MicroYes is a blog about virtual gambling for real money, we recognize the rate of the danger that you may face when something goes wrong.

Numerous innocent things, which are created for entertaining can lead to some serious problems and addictions. The issue can be connected with shopping, wine, food, tobacco, and more. Online gambling is also in the list and as the Internet itself is already addictive, the combination can be crucial.

The amount of online casinos grows up all the time and in case you feel you have a question, the turn to professional help should be immediate. The hardest thing is to stop the temptation, moreover, in case you don’t notice you have one. Those people having an addictive nature, they know their weak points. And all left is to detect the problem in the right time.

Identifying the Problem

Those who do not want to see a danger, they just don’t. However, to be on the safe side, you should be honest, at least with yourself. Below, you present the risky actions people take. Please, view the register and once you see that most of the points match your situation, it means you may have a problem. Be objective and think that you are the only person to help yourself.

You conduct a risk behavior, if you:

  • Play with an aim to win money, believing in big wins and rich life got with the help of gambling.
  • Within a session spend more credits than you have planned.
  • Get irritated when something goes wrong and disturbs you during the playtime.
  • Pursue your losses, eager to win back the amount you have lost.
  • Play longer than you have decided, losing the sense of time.
  • Lie to your relatives and friends about the leisure.
  • Do not stop the gameplay when you are tired, sleepy, or busy, but play as long as your balance is positive.
  • Think that the success of the session depends on your play particularly.
  • Spend a lot of time playing games or thinking about gambling.
  • Feel the desire to increase the stake in order to get the same emotions.
  • Do not tell your friends the real sum you spend on the pastime.
  • Prefer gambling to the communication with your friends, colleagues, family.

How to Control Your Problem?

You may not admit the addiction publicly, though, you know everything about yourself. That is why, you can take some protective measures in order to control the situation. Once you think that you can handle everything on your own, check the points below. Otherwise, turn straight to professional aid, provided by numerous respective services online.

  • Get rid of the shame that occurred around the problem. This feeling won’t let you move on, holding you back. Call the therapist you know and handle the emotion in the first place.
  • Most virtual gambling houses allow you to set some limits on your gameplay thru your account settings. That is how you can block the temptation with the help of the casino to avoid the problems caused at the moment of weakness.
  • In order not to start creating new casino profiles, while your own one is shut down, close your credit cards and other online banking mechanisms.
  • Try to determine what mood or your mental condition makes you turn to gambling. It can be boredom, sadness, depression, anxiety, or more. Think of a replacement activity to avoid the hazardous leisure.
  • Please, mind that in case you are not able to control the dangerous situation on your own, or you see that the abovementioned solutions don’t match you, ask for help of professionals. There are such services as Gamblers Anonymous, Cyber Patrol, National Council of Problem Gambling, and ore to help you treat the addiction.